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A fresh and tender novel that shows that there is not enough data in the world that can predict what will make a heart fall in love. Adorable characters with whom you connect from the first moment. An original story that deals with topics as deep as relationships, love and sex, between complex people like a gigolo and a girl with Asperger. Stella Lane believes that math is the only thing that works in the universe. She uses algorithms to predict purchases, a job that has netted her more money than she knows how to spend and less dating experience than the average thirty-something. It doesn't help that he has Asperger's and that kissing reminds him of a pilot fish cleaning a shark's teeth. That's why she hires the stunning gigolo Michael Phan. Half Swedish, half Vietnamese, Michael can't refuse Stella's offer and agrees to help her and tick all the boxes on her love lesson plan, from foreplay to beyond missionary position... Stella doesn't just learn how to appreciate Michael's kisses but long for the rest of the sensations he provokes. Soon their meaningless association begins to take a toll on him, and the pattern Stella discovers convinces her that love is the best kind of logic.

The Equation of Love HOANG, HELEN

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