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Emotional, moving, different... Invisible narrates, through the eyes of a child, a story that could be that of any of us. Who hasn't ever wanted to be invisible? Who hasn't ever wanted to stop being invisible? be? The problem is that I've never managed to control that power well: Sometimes, when I wanted to be invisible the most, it was when most people saw me, and instead, when I wanted everyone to see me, it was when my body wanted to see me. seemed to disappear.Reviews:
«A book that shows us little by little the pieces of a puzzle that we, as readers, must order to obtain a complete vision of the story that is being told. Hard, real and necessary. I highly recommend it."
IG Literary chaos "This book makes you think and want to be a better person."
IG Lioncourt "A book that I loved. A moving story, totally necessary and that touches your heart."
IG Iris de AsomoIn the blogs...
«A heartbreakingly authentic novel that is felt and suffered on every page. Highly recommended, without any age limit. A novel that opens your eyes to a reality that has little fiction.»
Blog Once upon a book


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