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More than 100,000 readers have fallen in love with DULCINEA's novels. Have you ever secretly longed for your first love?
Crystal's secret specialty is pumpkin muffins, but this isn't her only or best-kept secret. Everything is going smoothly in her life in Seattle until the morning she discovers that her boy has disappeared without a trace. Crystal will embark on a long search with her son Bonnie through more than ten states until they reach her hometown in South Carolina, where she has just found a clue to the possible whereabouts of her partner. Why has she crossed the country to reach the town she fled from ten years ago? What has he been able to discover there? Lies and secrets come to light when we least expect it and inevitably remove everything. Reuniting with Zach, her first love, after so many years, will shake their world. What if Zach turns out to be the missing piece to solve the puzzle? An adventure full of love, reunions and mysteries that will make you vibrate like the first time. About Dulcinea's novels... "I found them romantic, simple, beautiful , with a curious and original plot, quick to read and loaded with magic and reality.» Crystal Books"I found the central idea of the plot regarding lucid dreams very interesting." Marlau's corner"The characters are very special, each one has something that makes them different from the rest and you immediately grow fond of them." Chococrispis "This novel is most special, being very mystical and magical." Feeling your letters "It is a book that reads quickly and that hooks from beginning to end, with a simple plot but that does not leave you indifferent." Lecturophilia "A very intriguing read, with a lot of love both as a couple, family and friendship." Vir she reads"I liked the book a lot and I really recommend it for one of those relaxing afternoons in which you simply need to disconnect from the world." Take advantage of life every day "It leaves you with your heart beating a thousand per hour, it leaves you wanting more, with emotions on the surface." Once upon a book "I loved this novel, I found it entertaining, fresh, agile, alive." From the books"The characters are charismatic and fun, through Pau and Violeta we will feel butterflies in our stomachs." Miss Reader"A book to reflect on how there are loves that transcend throughout time, space and the universe." Between book pages "They have a very special magic that I can't find in other books." Snowing words "The novel is magic in its purest form, it is special and unique." Valien Heart

In the land of the first kisses (Paola Calasanz), Dulcinea

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