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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the suggestive and emotional story of Julian Mantle, a super lawyer whose stressful, unbalanced and money-obsessed life ends up causing him a heart attack. This disaster causes Julian a spiritual crisis that leads him to face the big questions of life. Hoping to discover the secrets of happiness and enlightenment, he embarks on an extraordinary journey through the Himalayas to learn about an ancient culture of wise men. And there he discovers a more joyful way of life, as well as a method that allows him to unleash his full potential and live with passion, determination and peace. Written as a fable, this book contains a series of simple and effective lessons to improve our way of life. Powerful blending of Eastern spiritual wisdom with Western success principles, it shows you step-by-step how to live with more courage, joy, balance, and fulfillment. "A captivating story that teaches and delights at the same time." Paolo Coelho Written as a fable, shows step by step how to live with more courage, joy, balance and satisfaction. Robin Sharma (1964), is a professor of law and has had a distinguished career as a lawyer in the United States, his native country. Today, as the world's authority on self-leadership, he is a well-known personality who has appeared on more than 300 television and radio shows, and has published articles in The Globe and Mail, USA Today, and other leading publications. He is also the author of MegaLiving!, The Gandhi Factor, and the acclaimed audio program Timeless Wisdom for Self-Mastery. He travels frequently as a speaker and seminar director, delivering his powerful message to leading business, health, and educational organizations. His greatest sales successes have been published in this editorial: The monk who sold his Ferrari (more than 150,000 copies sold), Lessons on the life of the monk who sold his Ferrari, The 8 keys to leadership from the monk who sold his Ferrari, Wisdom everyday life of the monk who sold his Ferrari and Discover your destiny with the monk who sold his Ferrari. For more information on Robin S. Sharma's seminars and outreach programs, visit his website:

The monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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